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July 2016: Ilfracombe, Stoke & Pokemon GO

July 31, 2016

July 2016 has come to an end which means we are officially well into the second half of the year. This month I travelled via Manchester down to Stoke to visit Amartya, then we both travelled down to Ilfracombe on one of the most difficult journeys of my life. We set off from Stoke, travelled from Birmingham to Exeter, then to Barnstaple before having to work out one of the most stupid bus timetables I've ever seen and finally reached…

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Friday Finds

Friday Finds #30: Backpacks

July 29, 2016

Yesterday, I was invited to go to The Netherlands and Germany for a few days on Tuesday. Since I'm only away between Tuesday and Saturday, I thought I'd take a look at the backpacks the Internet has to offer. Alas, the only nice ones I was able to find (I'm going out with April and Charlotte in a moment) were on ASOS. So, here are six seriously cute backpacks I found!…

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12 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To #2

July 24, 2016

Last August, I posted a collection of podcasts I enjoyed and wanted to share with you guys. To this day, '12 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To' is one of the most popular posts on the blog having been picked up and shared by Mike at Sword and Scale. Other podcasts I recommended were If I Were You, Stuff You Should Know, Criminal, Lore, Serial, Welcome To Night Vale and Generation Why, all of which are still going strong.…

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Friday Finds

Friday Finds #29: Wedding Ideas

July 22, 2016

Last weekend, Amartya and I travelled down to Ilfracombe in the south of England to attend his friends' wedding. We arrived at The Britannia Hotel at 12.30am on Saturday and within twelve hours we found ourselves in one of the most beautiful places in England…

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