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4 Tips Every UK Citizen Needs To Know For A Successful Canada Visit

July 5, 2017

Canada is a beautiful country, filled with laughter, amazing people, delicious food and a culture of cooperation that imbues every corner of society. No one could blame you for wanting to visit Canada, in fact it may even be a priority on your list of tourist destinations. 

There are plenty of reasons why people are so enthusiastic about traveling to Canada, other than pushing moose over of course. As a UK citizen, visiting Canada is especially simple thanks to Queen Elizabeth II remaining Canada’s de facto sovereign. NEVER FORGET. Then again, you may just want to inhabit somewhere a little cooler for your holidays, or at least somewhere the weather isn’t bipolar.

There are some stipulations that you need to know before you visit Canada in the first place. These include, but are not limited to:

Bringing A Passport

Despite hailing from the United Kingdom, that doesn’t give you automatic rights to enter the country, even if you do have special permission from the Queen. Unfortunately, it’s customary to bring a passport as with any country. However, if you hail from a list of approved countries it’s likely you won’t need a visa. You can find out by following this link, however, just because you might be from an approved country, that doesn’t mean that your document entry process is over drum roll.

Apply For An eTA

The eTA, Canada’s Electronic Travel Authorisation system, must be applied for before you leave the airport to visit Canada. It’s likely that you’ll be prevented from boarding the place in the UK before you get to Canada to be turned away, but that’d be relief as the flight to Canada from the UK can take around 8 hours. Getting there only to be turned away would be seen as a tragedy.

To counteract this, be sure that you apply for an eTA through well ahead of schedule. It’s a simple, intuitive process that should be carried out a few weeks before your intended departure date if only to make sure everything is in order when arriving at the airport gates.


It is also customary to keep photo identification on your person at all times. This is what we expect from any Canadian citizen visiting the UK, so you should pay them the same respect and obey this law even if you’re ON TOUR EXPLOSIONS, NANDOS, ADIDAS. Be sure that you carry a driver’s license and a passport, just in case one cannot be found or is lost.


Despite being a former colony of the UK, you’d be incorrect to assume that Canada abides by similar UK laws. The cheek, I know.  They have many of their own provincial territories, all sporting their quirks in the law, but for the most part you can be sure that time studying general Canadian law, and the differences to that of the UK, may help you remain a legal, law abiding citizen during your journey. For example, Canadians drive on the right like what you do in most multi-story car parks. Find out more about Canada’s driving laws here, and remember: you are always responsible for your safety abroad, and driving is no different.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to enter and experience Canada for all it has to offer. Plan your routes accordingly, be sure to visit areas outside of the designated tourist hotspots, and you’re sure to enjoy your time in Canada with an open and welcoming mindset.

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