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5 Tips for Travelling Light on Your Next Trip

August 29, 2017

This Is A Guest Post Written By Carolette Alcoran!

Since the advent of budget airlines, travel agencies and package tour operators – and even the airlines themselves – have been creating budget-friendly packages to entice people to take short trips abroad. Some people like to travel light while some cannot leave home without bringing a complete wardrobe change, but for short trips the travelling light option is always the best because it avoids the possible inconvenience of having to pay for excess baggage and the stress of lugging heavy bags around.

To help you save money and ease the pain of carting heavy bags, here are some tips to help you to travel light on your next trip:

Learn How To Pack Essential Toiletries and Personal Paraphernalia.

A lot of people tend to over pack their things because they want to make sure that they will not run out of toiletries during the trip. Just make sure you bring the necessary items for cleaning-up and maintaining proper hygiene, meaning your toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps and shampoo. Some women may want to bring a whole set of make-up items, but an alternative is makeup that you can use as cheek, eyes and lip tints all at the same time. Try to find some light items that are specifically made for travelling like portable curling irons or travel sized hair dryers. Avoid the things that will add bulk in your luggage because this may also damage your other belongings inside the bags.

Plan your daily wardrobe throughout the whole trip. This is important because you don’t want to have overweight luggage just because you wanted to make sure you will not run out of clothes during the trip. List down how many days you will stay away from home and list all the possible places and events that you will attend during the trip. Go through your list and make a plan on what to wear at each of your destinations. You can mix tops and pants to to create different looks during the trip. Do this and you will be able to create more space for your other belongings.

Choose Your Luggage Carefully.

Select the right type of bag and consider the weight of the bag when empty. Reputable luggage retaIlers like Luggage
Direct always show the bag weights on their website descriptions, so you can be sure you are not using up too much of your baggage allowance for an empty bag. If it’s a short trip away, you may be able to get away with using just a carry-on bag, but check the dimensions carefully if you are flying, because most airlines are very strict with the size and weight of carry-on bags. If you have to check in a bag, choose one with wheels if you will be going straight from airport to hotel. But if you are going to be walking any distance with your bag, then a backpack may be a better choice.

For Your Check-In Bag, Use A Bag That Is 20% Smaller Than You Think You Will Need

This forces you to pack light because we invariably always fill our bags when packing. Pack one change of clothes in
your carry-on bag in case your checked-in bag is delayed or lost. With carry-on bags, choose one that has compartments inside for keeping your important documents, cash and travel accessories. A cross-body purse is another option for carrying a few things because those are rarely weighed by airline check-in staff and are the most secure way of carrying cash, credit cards and tickets.

If You Are Travelling To A Destination Where The Weather Is Going To Be Cool Or Cold, Try To Wear As Many Of Your Bulky Clothes On The Trip Rather Than Packing Them In Your Bag.

A bulky jacket can take up all the space inside one bag, so it’s better to carry it with you – even if it is carried on your arm for most of the time. That’s also another way of ensuring it doesn’t get weighed as part of your baggage allowance if you are travelling by air. And whilst you may prefer to wear natural fabrics for many of your clothes, remember these will take longer to dry compared to synthetics if you are planning to wash clothes in your hotel room.

Travelling is fun, and for many people exploring different places around the world is what makes life worth living. But travelling with heavy bags spoils the fun. Once you’ve travelled light on a trip, and realised that it’s not that difficult to do, you’ll never want to go back to carrying heavy bags again!

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