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8 Benefits Of Getting Cold Showers

August 23, 2017

Cold showers – they might be close to tolerable in the hot summer, but people rarely can take them during the cold months of winter. Everyone prefers the therapeutic and relaxing feel of hot water pouring down their skin after a long day.

But when it comes to health, cold showers are proven to have outstanding benefits. Improving your life drastically can be as simple as turning the temperature gauge. Cold showers are great for your hair, skin, and your health in general.

They Close Your Pores and Protect Your Skin’s Natural Oil
Hot water is known to have a drying effect on your skin. This is due to the heat opening up your pores causing the natural oils to wash away. Over time, this is going to lead to wrinkles, itchiness, or even some skin conditions such as eczema.

This has a more powerful impact during the winter because your skin would already be drying up due to the cold air outdoors and the heat indoors. Showering with cold water will have a reverse effect. It will keep your pores closed protecting the natural oils of your skin; the very oils required for moisturizing the skin as well as keeping it free from bacterial infections.

Even if you didn’t handle a long cold shower, it would be beneficial to at least finish with cold water. Since hot water will open your skin pores, then they will be cleansed. But applying cold water at the end will close the pores again.

They Reduce Your Acne And Improve The Tone of Your Skin
Although using face washes and moisturizers can help in getting rid of acne, cold showers will have a longer and better effect. They might be uncomfortable, but showering with cold water twice a day will start clearing pimples in just a few days. After a few weeks, the tone of the skin will improve. The skin will become healthy and glowing. Even the old acne marks will start decreasing.

Cold showers will have this improvement on all the body, and not just on the face like when using the face washes. Although to naturally nourish your skin would require some changes in your diet, showering with cold water will have a more direct effect all over your skin.

They Have Amazing Effects on Your Scalp
Though it’s not entirely pleasant to rinse your hair with cold water, it is actually quite beneficial. Both hot water and cold water play a role when it comes to your scalp. Hot water will open the hair’s cuticles. This will allow the shampoo and the conditioner to do their work properly. Cold water will close the hair’s cuticles.

As a result, you will have a shinier and healthier hair because the conditioner would be sealed in. Moreover, cold water will have all the toxins and waste washing away from the scalp. Also, hot water has an effect on the hair similar to the one it has on the skin: it dries it out. Cold water will allow the hydration and moisturizing of the hair resulting in a sleek look while reducing frizz.

They Make Your Hair Stronger
Cold water closes the hair cuticle which will decrease the damage caused to your hair by dirt and oils. Moreover, the ability for your hair to grip the scalp will increase. Again, if you can’t tolerate taking the whole shower using cold water, then it’s okay to at least finish your shower with some cold.

An extra advice would relate to how you dry your hair. Set the blow dryer to “cool” as heat, and not just hot water may cause damage.

They Help Reduce Stress
It has been proven that taking a cold shower in the morning will help you adapt to stressful situations during the day. Cold showers are a great mood booster. Putting your body under a physical shock will allow you to be resistant to stress, even your tolerance to stress will improve. In the aftermath, the levels of cortisol (the main stress hormone) will be reduced.

After pouring cold water all over, your breathing will start to deepen in response to the shock. Your heart rate will increase, and you will feel the rush of blood through your body. This will help you get energized. Not only this, but you will also be able to sleep better due to the overall reduction of stress.

They Speed Up Your Metabolism
It might be hard to believe that taking a cold shower can also have an impact on the way you burn fat, but it does. Just like we have good and bad cholesterol, we also have two types of fat in our body: the good brown fat that keeps our body warm, and the bad white fat we all struggle to get rid of.

Cold water allows the activation of brown fat which starts burning calories to keep our bodies warm. Thus, metabolism is increased.

They Improve Circulation And Immunity
As mentioned above, cold water will have your heart rate increasing. As your heart beats faster, it will be sending blood to your organs so that you stay warm. This way, the circulatory system is stimulated which leads to a better overall cardiovascular health while helping avoid hypertension and the hardening of arteries.

Also, your immune system is activated by the speed-up of the metabolic rate. White blood cells that fight viruses are released. Thus you will not get sick as much as before. This is a great direct impact on your health.

They Build Willpower and Increase Alertness
Taking a cold shower might seem like a big jump. Because we are usually resistant to showering with cold water, doing it everyday will increase willpower massively. The mental strength and the discipline built will become a habit that will affect every area in your life.

Also, when you shower in the morning with cold water, you will experience extreme deep breathing while increasing your oxygen intake. A result of this is a great energy dose and a feeling of alertness which will probably better prepare you to start your day.

These 8 benefits of taking a cold shower must be convincing enough actually to start doing it every day. But if you find that hard to achieve, you can start by alternating between hot and cold water during your shower.

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