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America’s Most Underrated Cities

July 19, 2017

Whenever we talk about incredible cities in the United States, a lot of people tend to talk about the exact same places. They mention the streets of New York City. They mention the glamor and sunshine of Los Angeles and Hollywood. San Francisco, the country’s cultural hotbed, usually gets mentioned at least once. Washington, D.C. gets a shoutout at some point, considering its the capital of the country.

But there are loads of great cities in the United States that barely get a mention when we talk about vacation destinations. Let’s check out some of the country’s most underrated cities.

Newark, New Jersey

People tend to think about New Jersey in a negative light. In fact, it’s possibly the most maligned state in North America! The terrible personalities of Jersey Shore probably didn’t do much to help in that regard. But that show did highlight something that it’s a great place for young adults to check out, boosting tourism in the nightlife areas. But the city of Newark, largely devoid of the hedonistic fun that Jersey Shore displays, often gets ignored. But this is a great location for Portuguese and Brazilian culture. It’s also filled with great history museums, incredible sports arenas, and even – get this – a beautiful annual cherry blossom festival. Seriously, there are incredible cherry blossoms in Newark. Who would have thought?

Baltimore, Maryland

Yes, it’s the city from The Wire. This may be a reason for many people to go see it – but considering the show is graphic and almost documentary-like in its depiction of urban crime, it may also have the opposite effect! It’s worth noting that it shows a shadier side to an otherwise incredible city. A lot of the entertainment in Baltimore is very cheap or even free, thanks to local efforts to get local youngsters more cultured. It has some of the best museums in the country, and there are free movie screenings in many of Baltimore’s parks.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

It’s nicknamed “the Garden Spot of America” for good reason. The flora and fauna of this place is absolutely incredible, and its welcoming Amish communities are one of its biggest tourist draws. But you’re not just getting a lot of pretty land to look at; there are loads of things to do in Lancaster County for people of all ages. When people talk about Pennsylvania, they usually talk about Pittsburgh, a beautiful city in its own right. But Lancaster County should definitely not be underestimated; those looking for a relaxing American break from reality should definitely consider this place.

Boston, Massachusetts

Many people know Boston as the birthplace of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, and the location of many of their films, including the classic Good Will Hunting. If you’ve seen that movie, then you know Boston isn’t just a place where lots of Irish descendants get drunk. This is a city full of hard-working people with a rich history and culture – it’s also got some of the most beautiful parks in the country. (But yes, it does have more Irish people and bars per square foot than any other place in the U.S., so the whole “Irish thing” isn’t without a grain of truth!)

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