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How to Avoid These 4 Dating Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Confidence

July 21, 2017

This is a guest post written by the incredible wise Nicole Noel! 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman or a man – one thing is universally true: the dating world is a jungle. Being single and working towards not being single often feels like a nightmare to both sexes and the worst part is that it seems that the more you try, the less successful you get. That’s because dating failures can shake the very core of your personality – your confidence and thus make you feel like finally giving up. However, not everything has to be that bad – you can actually learn how to avoid the most common dating mistakes and even boost your confidence in the process.

The Leading Game

It’s outdated to think men should be the dominant ones but running away from the leadership role can be a big mistake for men. When women are forced to decide for everything on a date, they start losing respect and, consequently, interest for a man. Everybody likes dating a confident person so just saying “whatever you want” or “you decide” isn’t a way to go, for men nor women. One of women’s common dating mistakes, on the other hand, is actively taking the passive role. Forgetting your wallet and expecting for a man to pay for everything isn’t really recommendable. Try to communicate instead and find some common ground. Dating is not a game but even if it were – it takes two to play it.

The Labelling Obsession

Imagine the scenario: you’ve been on a date or two with the same person and you’re pressuring or being pressured to name the thing you two are having. It’s one of the most common things that can put an end to a relationship right in the earliest phase. If you’re the one that feels the need to put a label on your relationship, you should ask yourself why it is so important to you. Are you feeling insecure or just impatient? Either way, letting things go slowly and naturally might be the best way to start things on a good note. Try to steer away from the great expectations – dare to try something new and feel the power of being uncomfortable. Relationship status will come if you click which is the most important thing to focus on in the first couple of days and weeks.

Personal Presentation

It might sound harsh, but going on a date and trying to make the person across the table like you is like giving a presentation of yourself. It goes without saying that you should be yourself and not fake anything, but the way you let another person know you is essential. For example, both men and women tend to talk a bit too much about their exes and themselves in general, but the truth is this can be quite off-putting. The same goes for being anxious, self-conscious, and obsessed with your body image – it turns out this is the biggest dating mistake women make. As we already mentioned, confidence is sexy so make the most of it.

Speaking Your Mind

Being careful about how you present yourself on dates doesn’t mean you have to just nod and agree with everything. Instead, you should learn how to speak your mind and express your attitude. Otherwise, you might end up in a relationship with a person who doesn’t share any of your interests. For instance, you probably won’t talk about kids on a first date but, if it comes up, be straight forward and say if you don’t want kids at all. Your life choices shouldn’t be a reason to be ashamed – just present them as your personal traits and let the other person deal with it. If that’s who you are then there’s nothing you can do about it and your potential partner should know it. Strong opinions show confidence, so don’t hesitate to express yourself.

Did you recognize yourself in any of these? If the answer is yes, go change something. As you can see, confidence is the key and the most powerful weapon in the dating world, so taking every chance to show and to boost it is a must. Nothing is as sexy as a man or a woman that knows what they want and how to get it!

Nicole is a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife passionate about yoga and healthy living. She enjoys sharing her experiences and ideas on how to lead a happy and healthy life. If you want to read more from Nicole you can find her on Twitter and FB.

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