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Bioshock 2

February 13, 2013

If this intro doesn’t intrigue you, I don’t know what will.

Set from the perspective of a Big Daddy, Bioshock 2 continues the exploration of the underwater city of Rapture. At it’s most eerie, Bioshock 2 can be genuinely frightening, causing me to jump after certain events such as Big Sister’s stealing the Little Sisters or when Splicers suddenly crept up on me. However, the game also evokes feelings of unsettling serenity and, as you are now playing as a Big Daddy, focuses more on the compassionate (I guess) bond between you and the Little Sisters than the original did.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 17.29.24.png

Although the mystery of Rapture isn’t so prominent, it is still one the most interesting and bizarre locations in any game I’ve ever played. Leaky, neglected and creepy as hell, we explore Rapture using tonics, plasmids and weapons, such as our big-ass drill hand and guns, which all level up as you progress. We find recordings that help us understand the plot line and context, but the best thing we come across is undoubtedly the Little Sisters. Due to now being part of the relationship rather than an outsider, we see so much further into the bond these two odd lifeforms share. We can choose whether to harvest or adopt the Little Sisters we come across, developing upon the moral aspects of the game. If you do the latter, you must protect the Little Sisters from Splicers as they harvest. I chose to adopt and save the Little Sisters throughout, so I’m actually not sure what happens if you harvest them. You also get to play as a Little Sister for a while, adding even more dimensions to this relationship.

The entire story is interesting and powerful, provoking a genuine emotional reaction by the time the ending roles around. Gameplay is enjoyable and combat can be epic if you use the equipment you are given/ find/ purchase wisely. I throughly enjoyed Bioshock 2, and will probably re-visit rapture to play through the game many more times.

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