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How Can I Travel on a Shoestring Budget?

June 6, 2017

We live on a colossal planet where technology and transportation allow us to travel all the way around it. So spending your whole life in one place, or never experiencing what different destinations around the world have to offer is such a waste. If you have the opportunity to travel in life, take it. It’s something you will never regret and can change you as a person in all the best ways. Money is often a huge factor when it comes to travel, and there’s no doubt it can be expensive. However, there are ways you can make it work without a massive budget, read on if you want to find out how.

Save Up

Kind of an obvious one but worth mentioning. If you don’t have the money right now, it’s always something you could aim to save for. If you have your heart set on travelling and know it’s something you definitely want to do, start putting money away as early as possible. You could create a savings jar for loose change, or open a savings account with your bank and transfer money each week from your wages. You could sell items you no longer need, or start a side business venture selling items or services (such as writing or design) to raise some extra income. When birthdays and other special occasions come around, instead of asking for gifts you could ask people to contribute to your travel fund instead.

Work While You’re Away

Saving up as much as possible and paying for things before you leave is the best option, but if you don’t have a huge budget why not do some work while you’re away? If you have a blog, Youtube channel or work with a freelance site online which you can earn money from regularly, you could do some work in the evenings to raise funds. This is especially useful if you’re travelling for a while and need consistent money to live on. Free wifi is available in loads of places these days, so just check that where you’re staying offers this if working while you’re away is on the cards. If you want to travel but have next to no money, you could sign up to volunteer or work abroad. You will be provided food and accommodation in return for working a number of hours. While it might not be your traditional vacation, it’s all incredible life experience and still allows you to see another place in the world. You could help those less fortunate, learn about a new culture and see new places all at the same time.

Snag A Bargain When Booking


Paying for your tickets will be one of the most expensive purchases when it comes to booking your trip. Whether it’s for the plane, hotels, transfers or attractions, these are generally the min things to pay for when you’re travelling. However, you don’t just need to pay the first price that you see. Shop around, do some research and look for deals and discounts. One way you could look into saving money is by buying your plane tickets directly from the airline, an easy hack which allows you to cut out the middleman. Lots of places will offer deals and discounts if you book your tickets for attractions and things through them so have a look around. Once these are booked, they’re out of the way too, meaning you won’t avoid disappointment on the day due to there being no tickets left, and you don’t have to budget money for them. If you’re looking to travel cheaply, don’t forget about cheap and free things to do too. Museums, galleries and religious buildings for example are often free to the public. There are also parks and green spaces you could visit, and pay a small amount for things like tours or bike hire. These can help fill out your trip with things to do without spending a fortune.

Go Backpacking

Instead of fancy hotels and expensive tourist areas, if you don’t have much money to play with why not go backpacking? Once your plane tickets are booked, and your equipment is purchased, you only need a minimal amount of money to eat and get around. Public transport and eating from grocery stores and inexpensive cafes will be your way of life while you’re backpacking. You could visit bustling markets and try the local cuisine for another cheap way to eat. It’s a great way to see a destination from another point of view, immerse yourself in a culture and find out what there is to see in the world that’s not all fancy resorts and luxury buildings designed for tourists. You could sign up to a chain of hostels and enjoy clean yet basic accommodation while you’re away, or you could really take it back to basics and camp in a tent or hammock.

Hire an RV or Campervan

Another inexpensive way to travel (if you don’t fancy lugging a backpack around) is by campervan or RV. You can hire these with very little hassle, all you need is a regular driving license. And then you’re all set- you have both transport and accommodation rolled into one. You can make trips to grocery stores to eat, and since you can store things in the RV it makes it far easier than backpacking where you have to physically carry everything. Choosing things like dried fruit and nuts, cereal and protein bars will give you energy and be nonperishable, just keep them in a shaded spot. For fresh foods, keep chilled in a cool bag and out of the sun until you can use them. At night you could cook over a fire, on a barbeque or use a gas stove. You could go to cafes or find restaurants offering inexpensive buffets, your options are pretty much endless even with limited funds. Many campsites offer hookups for RVs meaning while you’re there you have access to running water, electricity- even wifi! You can stop and camp anywhere along the way of your journey providing you’re in a safe and legal spot. Your main cost would just be fuel.

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