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Friday Finds #62: Picture Frames

March 10, 2017

So, funny story: I was supposed to move into a flat earlier this month… but I didn’t. Instead, I packed up everything I own into boxes, re-evaluated the property and then decided I would literally rather just unpack all those boxes than move in there. You see, apparently some landlords think it is appropriate to charge ridiculous amounts of money and yet not ensure that their property is actually habitable.

Anywho, whilst unpacking I realised that a lot of my picture frames are boring. I mean I’m not looking for the jazzy disco ball version of frames for anything but if I’m going to put a picture that means a lot to me up on a wall maybe the frame shouldn’t be 95p bargain bin frame from when I was 14. Just saying.

Picture Frames

Fair Trade Rakshi Picture Frame | Wayfair – £13.99

Paperchase Rose Blue Photo Frame | Next – £15

Paperchase Angle Copper Photo Frame | Next – £15

Paperchase Pavia Photo Frame | Next – £15

Arabian Nights Picture Frame | Wayfair – £16.08

Heart Screen Picture Frame | Wayfair – £68.99

Moroccan Picture Frame | Wayfair – £19.99

Zig Zag Photo Frame | John Lewis – £15

Umbra Axis Double Frame | John Lewis – £25

10 Belle Photo Frame | John Lewis – £25

11 Carved Leaf Photo Frame | Wilko – £6

12 Rustic Effect Photo Frame | Wilko – £2.50

13 Tropical Frame | Next – £10

14 Metal Edge Parrot Frame | Next – £16

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