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Why You Should Invest In That One Statement Furniture Piece

July 15, 2017

Getting older really changes your priorities. You start considering your fashion purchases a bit more, ask yourself if you really need another red lipstick and perhaps the most exciting part, you get excited about furniture. Buying things for your home opens up a whole new world of shopping possibilities. Some of us dream of buying that one piece of statement furniture, and why not? It’s a great thing to have in your home. Need some more convincing? Here’s why you should go ahead and invest in that one statement piece.

It’s nice to own something in your home, even if you don’t own it

Living with parents, living in university halls, renting – it’s a long road to owning your own home. No matter where you live, even if you do own your own place, owning that one special piece of furniture is a satisfying feeling. Having a piece of something that you chose, that you love and worked hard to get will be a lovely reminder every time you see it and help you truly feel at home, even if it’s not your name on the mortgage.

Statement pieces are an investment

Like a designer handbag, statement furniture is an investment. If you pay for a good quality item, it will become a lasting part of your home and one that could grow in value if it’s a unique piece and it’s well looked after. After years of buying endless pieces from IKEA that need replacing regularly, you’ll know that you’ve got yourself a keeper – that could even save you money over time. Some great places to get beautiful statement pieces is the David Gundry furniture shop online, which sells beautiful, high-quality furniture at an affordable price.

Choosing it is fun

It’s fun to spend hours and hours of research trying to find ‘the one.’ From browsing statement furniture board on Pinterest to endlessly looking at furniture shop after furniture shop, you will really enjoy the experience of finding the right piece for you. Try to find a piece that best reflects your personality, and you’ll cherish it even more. A good tip though is to pick something timeless and classic, as something a bit ‘out there’ could lose its appeal after a few years.

It’ll stop you wasting money on other things

Having something lasting and worthy to save for will stop you wasting money on other things. Saving up will stop you spending too much money on nights out or unnecessary takeaways and could be what you need to learn about budgeting or being responsible with your money. What’s more, it’s a great gift to give to yourself after finishing university, for a special birthday or just because you can.

There are so many great options for statement furniture pieces for your home, including beautiful Scandinavian-inspired pieces that will survive the coming and going of many different trends. Enjoy treating yourself to a well-earned statement furniture piece that will be the pride of your home and give you something truly beautiful to own.

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