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January 2013: DIY Coloured Extensions, White Shirts and EDM | Siobhan Harmer

February 1, 2013

January 2013 has been almost as enjoyable as it has been incredibly stressful. As I was poor (read: borderline destitute) for a few weeks over Christmas and New Years, the first thing I did when my loan arrived was treat myself. Firstly, to food that wasn’t Quality Street, because I think I was developing an unhealthy dependence on them. Secondly to a few new little items; this, these and this (organic girl skinny fit in heather grey) and the usual array of hair dye, above is my attempt at Flamingo Pink. I also decided I needed – or mostly, that I could – to buy some new make up, so that happened. I hate buying make up, I don’t like the idea that society has made me feel pressured into spending money to cover my face in gunk. And yet I do. I even cleaned out my massive Marvel Comics pencil case-turned-bag-of-eyeliner-pencil-shavings out. Because apparently 2013 Sibby cares whether she develops an eye infection. Also, since having six inches of my hair chopped off I’ve missed having long hair so I bought some hair extensions in blond to play with. I’ve dyed half red and half turquoise, and I will probably very rarely wear them as I’ve only ever worn fake eyelashes outside once because I’m all too aware everyone knows fake when they see it, never mind someone else’s hair.

My life is very much split into two sections right now. The half that does the things above, goes out, drinks wine, has dinner at restaurants sometimes and is fun. And the second half that is about midway through an emotionally and mentally crippling last semester of university that reminds me of Smeagol’s transformation into Gollum. Except the ring is my dissertation. And I don’t love it, it isn’t precious, I’m convinced it’s actually a load of absolute bullocks. However, Mount Doom is insight – my degree show – and afterwards I will have so much more time to sit around and watch Lord Of The Rings even more than I do already. Dreams.

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