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June 2017: Lezzara, Bardi & Milan

June 30, 2017


So, June was… long. My family and I travelled to Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy to celebrate my cousin’s wedding in the little comune of Bardi. Well, actually if we’re being pedantic we actually spent most of our time in Lezzara – a collection of houses up in the mountains that you can’t find on Google maps unless you know where to look.

I have to admit, at first it was a bit of a shock to the system when we arrived at Lezzara. Having grown up besides a large city, the idea of spending eight days one microwave away from the 16th century was daunting. Fortunately, my cousin’s adorable kids, wedding prep and the inevitable rows between family members were always there to keep us busy. Plus, I’m seriously going to have to share the story of the wedding day at some point because it was literally like something out of a sitcom. I’m talking dresses ripping, car bonnets setting on fire and running up mountains with baby bags like I was in military bootcamp. Still, it was a really wonderful day and not just because I drank my own weight in prosecco and smoked for the first time in months with my Lancashire Grandad.

About the time I’d found a balance between loving nature and wanting to set fire to every bug I saw, my mum, brother, Auntie Susan and I travelled to Milan. I’m sure this goes without saying but I am so much more comfortable in cities than I am in the countryside. By no means did I hate staying in the rural mountains of Italy, but I was so happy to see the towering buildings, lights and life of Milan. If you’ve never been I highly recommend Milan, especially if you prefer shopping over sightseeing. I mean, Rome is by far my favourite Italian city because I love the culture but if I had to choose between Milan and Rome I might go for the former now.

Anyway, have a look at the pictures if you like.

Meanwhile, back in England…

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