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How To Make This Valentines Day More Enjoyable

February 8, 2018

This is a guest post by Dwayne Austin, for more about him and his work check out the bio at the bottom!

It is the month of love, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In this day, the couples of the world celebrate their love for one another, as do friends and family, but the pressure of planning a perfect Valentine’s Day falls on couples. Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day together, or if you have been together for years, and you are looking for a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the eleven suggestions below will show you ways you can have fun and enjoy your time with your partner this Valentine’s Day.

11. Take a cooking class together

Taking a class together and learning a new skill has a way of forming a new kind of bond between you and your partner. Ask around your neighborhood for a good place to take a cooking class, and spend the evening playing with food with your partner. After the class, you can go for a leisurely stroll around the block, and grab an ice cream cone for dessert.

10. Go on a road trip

There is something charming about road trips. It could be the long stretch of road you gaze at and get thinking of good times, or it could be the fact that you are alone with your partner in a car, inches apart from each other, with picturesque surrounding, and with nothing to distract you from one another. The result is that some of the best, most intimate and joyful conversations happen during road trips. The distinction comes as a nice bonus where you get to feel adventurous and discover a new town, see a new landmarks or grab a quick, yet savory, bite at a new drive thru. Just fill up your gas tank, stock up on snacks, and go!

9. Have fun

Some people enjoy the candle-lit dinner and fancy attire of a formal Valentine’s Day dinner. Others feel out of their element and that their romance is forced. If you enjoy the beautiful romantic dinners, go for it. If not, don’t force yourself to go through the motions. Instead, plan a fun date that you will both enjoy. You can watch a sports game you both enjoy, go to the movies, attend a music event or even go to the arcade. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about being together and enjoying your time together, not about the candles and chocolate.

8. Be active

If you or your bae are active and enjoy nothing more than a good work out session, why not bring the fun to Valentine’s Day? Plan a Valentine’s Day hike and take your loved one to a setting that combined both athleticism and romance. Hiking will get your much loved work out endorphins going, while the romantic picturesque surrounding will get the romance up. Consider planning your hike at a time that allows you to end it with a sunset picnic where you can both sit, rest, talk and
enjoy each other’s company. An added bonus is that this is a cheap and fun idea to spend Valentine’s Day.

7. Spa day

Valentine’s Day presents you with a very good excuse to pamper your partner and shower them with love and care. One of the best ways to do that is to treat them to a spa day, and you will definitely have more fun together, so why not book a couple’s spa day package where you can both enjoy massages, scented baths and other relaxing treatments? You will both feel pampered and stress free, and leave the spa for a romantic dinner or straight home where you can get take out and enjoy a peaceful relaxed Valentine’s night.

6. Spend the day inside

If you or your partner shy away from the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s Day, and usually prefer an empty restaurant to the crowds of this international holiday, consider spending the day in. Make no mistake, staying inside in Valentine’s Day can actually be more fun than going out. Take the day off work and enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed, take a long steamy bath together, then spend the morning talking and cuddling. Later, you can enjoy cooking dinner together and watch a movie or two. If you don’t feel up to cooking, you can get take out and binge watch your favorite series in bed.

5. A day and night to remember

The date and the present are all a big part of Valentine’s Day, but the big finale at the bedroom remains the highlight of the day. After all, it is a day to celebrate love and passion. This Valentine’s Day, take things slow with your partner, and let the tension between you build throughout the day. Take advantage of male enhancement products to make your Valentine’s night long and memorable.

4. Take a city tour

Put on your jeans and best walking shoes and take your bae for a city tour. Be tourists fr one day and view everything from a lens of wonder. You will be surprised how many things around you that you simply pass by without noticing. You may find yourself discovering a well hidden restaurant where you can have a quiet dinner at, or you can focus on taking touristy pictures together and having fun with it.

3. Turn up the heat

While the romance factor is essential in Valentine’s Day, when it comes to Valentine’s night, it is all about the heat and passion. Show your love and start slow, but remember that longevity is very important to women, according to this study, so take advantage of the natural ways to increase stamina to create a pleasurable night for your partner.

2. Take a trip down memory lane

There is something captivating about memories of past times. Enjoy a good dose of nostalgia with your valentine by taking a trip down memory lane. Prepare a collection of your best photographs together, and be sure to include pictures from the landmarks of your relationship. Create a short clip of the pictures or simply prepare them in a folder and enjoy looking at them with your partner, talking about your memories and feeling all those good memories rushing back in. For a theme
appropriate Valentine’s Day date, recreate one of your favorite dates with your partner. Whether it is somewhere where you celebrated a major event in your lives, the spot of your first kiss, or a simple date that went exceptionally well, go back to that place and enjoy living in the beautiful memories.

1. Get a room

Escape the real world for one day and hide in a hotel room where responsibilities go on pause and anxieties disappear. This will especially up the fun factor for married couples who need the time away from home, or for couples who have room mates and don’t feel comfortable at their own homes. You can choose the hotel together and plan the day, building anticipation, or you can book a room and surprise your loved one in Valentine’s Day, the choice is up to you.


Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be repetitive, and it is not always about candy, chocolate, roses and candles. There are many fun activities you can do with your partner that will help you bond and have fun, and you will be celebrating your love for one another and creating memories together.

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About the Author: Dwayne Austin

Dwayne Austin is a multi-faceted author, blogger & fitness instructor from Indiana, US. He has been writing blogs also write Virectin Reviews. He encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle. Connect with Dwayne via Facebook and Twitter.

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