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My Favourite Summer/Autumn Transition Piece

September 5, 2017

As summer comes to an end, it’s time for each of us to delve into our wardrobes and find those timeless transition pieces that become our style staples during every seasonal shift. For me, these transition pieces are usually jeans, jeggings and jumpers – boring, but practical. Though I’d always choose functionality over fashion, as I was searching under my bed for the raggediest yet warmest jumper I own I began wondering why I didn’t just find something that offered a combination of both those factors. Stylish but seasonably sensible, chic and cosy. Surely, with so many online marketplaces just a google search away I could find the perfect summer/autumn transition piece to add to my wardrobe?

Well, I most certainly did and I actually found them on an online store I’d never used before: Simply Be. Throughout my teen years and early twenties I often stuck to the typical YA stores, but now in my mid-twenties so many more styles and stores are appealing to me. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found so many great pieces on Simply Be and went a bit mad…

It’s within this largish order that I found my summer/autumn 2017 transition piece: the Zip Trim PU Wet Look Leggings. Now, I’ve owned pleather leggings and wet look leggings in the past, and literally none of them have been comfy as well as chic. They stick to you like they’re trying to replace your skin, and sometimes even make weird noises as you walk. Most of the time, these faux-leather leggings were resigned to the ‘going out’ clothing pile before inevitably getting tattered and thrown out.

These new leggings from Simply Be are different. What appealed to me was the fact they are not entirely pleather or wet look – they’re normal legging fabric at the back. This immediately removes all of the problems I’d had with these sorts of bottoms in the past and ensured a whole new level of comfort and warmth. To test them out, I went down to our local riverfront to really see if they were autumn-appropriate.

To my surprise, my legs remained nice and toasty in my new wet look leggings, despite how hard the September weather tried. Even more surprising was how functional they were – it was just like wearing jeans but with way more style value.

So they’re warm, they’re comfy and they don’t make me look like a giant whale woman, but are they casual enough to wear during the daytime? If not, my new favourite transition piece would find its way to the ‘going out’ pile just like its predecessors.

Thankfully, due to the fabric panels at the back of the leggings the piece manages to be just as casual as normal leggings, but again far more fashionable. I literally couldn’t be happier!

Sure, the weather is rubbish and is sure to get steadily more crap as the weeks go by but at least I now have these Simply Be leggings to get me through. Goodbye natty jeans, hello wet look leggings!


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