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October & November 2013: Totoro, Cheesecake and A Puppy | Siobhan Harmer

November 30, 2013

Oct 2013

I really didn’t take a lot of photos in October; it was a month of self soothing and quietly attempting to figure out what I was doing, in all aspects of my life. I mostly just played GTA Online though.


November was far better. I travelled down to Nottingham twice, during one excursion I got to pretend to be an elf. Why not, amirite? I also went to Pocklington to visit a Buddhist retreat which was lovely, I’m seriously considering volunteering there for a week. Although if I’m honest that has a lot to do with how good their coffee and cake is. Also, I pretended to be a water bender the whole time I was there.

Nov 20131

Nov 20132

As if going to a Buddhist retreat and getting a bow and arrow weren’t enough, I also went to Ikea. Ikea is usually like Disneyland to me, but on a Tuesday afternoon it loses a lot of it’s wonder. I think I saw one of the employees crying in a makeshift bathroom and that put my life into perspective. I think things are finally turning around. I hope the Ikea lady is okay.


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