Splash The Cash: Creating Your Dream Home

September 25, 2017

The dream of every homeowner is to finally settle in the perfect place, with all the luxuries and comfort they have always wanted. Whether it be a home cinema, swimming pool or a tennis court: everyone has those dream features they’d love to add to their home. Here are some of the things you could add to your home to make it into your palace.


One thing many of us dream about when we imagine our perfect bedroom is a balcony to sit out on in the summer. To drink wine with the other half and look out on the world from our ivory tower. You can either go for a full balcony which you can walk out and sit on, or if you don’t have space; a Juliet balcony is a great alternative. You’ll have a door which is covered with a large glass panel, so you can open up and let the fresh air in, but stay safe in your bedroom.

Home Cinema

Many families would love the opportunity to use a projector or a huge TV as a cinema to enjoy the film experience without having to leave the house. All you’ll need is a screen, a comfy sofa, plenty of blankets and speakers for surround sound. You could also invest in a popcorn maker to really bring the experience to life for you and your family.


Conservatories are a brilliant way to bring the outdoors in, without having to have the doors wide open. The wide open space of a conservatory is a perfect place to spend family time in the summer months and eat meals with your friends. It’s also a good escape route if it starts to rain in the middle of a barbecue!

Swimming Pool

Many of the most luxurious homes in the world contain a swimming pool. Whether it be a pool situated inside your property or in the garden, a pool is one of those things many of us dream about for our dream home. If you don’t have the budget to fork out for a huge swimming pool, you can buy swimming pool liners at the store and dig your own hole. All you’ll need to do is install a pump for cleaning, and you will have the perfect place to cool off on a hot day. Either that or just buy a huge paddling pool from Costco and take it down at the end of the summer.

Spa Bathroom

Being able to come home and fully relax is one of the privileges of owning a home. Looking forward to weekly me time is also a great incentive to get us through the week. There’s nothing better than stepping into a hot bath, reading our favorite books and sipping on wine at the end of the week, but what if it could be even better? Spa bathrooms can include color changing lights for your bath, Jacuzzi features, and waterfall showerheads. You can sit back and relax in the full ambiance of a spa without having to pay for it.

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