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Styling My Brother On The Last Days of Summer

September 4, 2017

September is a big month here in the Harmer household. Not only does September mark the beginning of autumn, and thus many frantic spending sprees. but it is also both of my siblings’ birthdays. The first is my brother’s on the 7th, so I’ve spent most of this month thinking about what I can do to celebrate his big day.

During one of my own online marketplace musings, I had a great idea: why not have a go at styling my brother? It wouldn’t be the first time he’s asked for my fashion advice – for his eighteenth birthday I took him on a shopping trip and finally managed to get him out football shirts for the first time. What else are older sisters for if not to help our little brothers look their best?

Now all I had to do was find a store that catered to Jacob’s size and style. He’s a tricky one my brother: lean and yet muscly due to years of working out and a great metabolism, so I needed an online store with as many sizing variations as possible. Of course, the obvious choice was Jacamo.

styling my brother

Even though the clothes weren’t for me, I was thrilled as soon as the Jacamo package arrived. Everything was packed so nicely and they’d even included some Love Heart sweets (which we won’t be telling Jacob about FYI). Fortunately for me, he was very happy about my picks and everything fit him perfectly – which was shocking considering I’d totally guessed.

Of all the items, the Black Label Belted Smart Stretch Chinos were probably his favourite and he soon had them paired with his favourite shoes. Oh, and… his imaginative modelling poses.

Of course, I got a few other bits and bobs as well. My personal favourites were the Black Label Belted Check Smart Shorts as they looked even better IRL than they did online. Plus, they are really versatile and went with both of the shirts I’d bought him.

Needless to say, we were both pretty chuffed with the birthday surprise. So, happy birthday Jacob and sorry I made you take so many photos!

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