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Between Summer & Fall: September is the Month for Fashionistas

August 15, 2017

This article was written by Ketherin Jonsson

September kicks off a whole new season and just so happens to be one of the biggest fashion months of the year. This is the time when all the fashionistas want to upgrade their wardrobes adding early fall pieces to their fall fashion, adding their own personal flair. Of course, all this seasonal-style transitioning costs money so here are some ways you can budget your summer to fall wardrobe overhaul.


There are so many different types of handbags to use on different occasions it can get seriously tiresome trying to pick the best ones. In tricky seasons such as September where you may need to carry a cardy or coat with you, large bags remain in trend. That said, clutches are always cute and give a touch to your unique outfit if you’re feeling brave.

Leather Jacket

For the fashion consciousness, this could be one of the most inexhaustible garments in your wardrobe. Practical, light and stylish, leather jackets are the union of fashion and comfort. Under the leather jacket you can wear a sweater or a simple t-shirt depending on the weather.

Lightweight Scarf

How are you going to keep your neck safe from the wind while not sweating to death? With a scarf, of course! Whether it’s made of silk or cotton, does not matter but unleash the colours to keep summer alive while you can.


Always keep a sweater with you. If there is some wind, it will save you; if it’s hot, you can put it in your bag. Choose a lightweight sweater so it will be convenient for you to put in your bag.


Denim should be your first choice during September due to the skin friendly fabrication, insulation and, of course, versatility. Plus, if the temperature rises it won’t rub against your skin and offer best comfort in style.

Lightweight Tights

Tights are always acceptable for all ages, sizes and events. ‘Nough said. Viva la tights!

Fashionable mid-season couplings:

  • T-shirt, cardigan and trench coat.
  • Oversized tank and jacket.
  • Wind & water-resistant jackets (leather jackets) and maxi scarf.
  • Blank shirts, jeans and sweatshirt (Sometimes hoodies).

Ketherin Jonsson is a fashion blogger. After graduation she started writing for Calibre Apparel, a reputed wholesale clothing store in United States. She has contributed many articles in the fashion and entertainment industry. She got fame when started working as a womenswear stylist after 6 years as fashion critic at reputed fashion magazine.

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