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June 8, 2017

We look forward to summer all year round. We think of it in the depths of winter, as we shiver under nine layers of clothing. We imagine the evenings spent in the garden, the heat of the day settling around us, the comfort of not needing to wrap ourselves in a blanket just to be able to get out of bed.

Then summer hits, and we’re still not happy.

No longer are we taking to social media to whine about how cold we are – oh no, we’ve changed our tune.

Now we just whine about how it’s too hot instead.

It’s at this point you can imagine Mother Earth, scrolling through our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and muttering to herself: “what do you people actually want?”

The truth is, we like the heat – but too much heat is as bad (if not arguably worse) than being too cold. At some point, most of us have experienced the following problems in summer – but it’s nice to know they have some solutions, too! So before you are tempted to type out another message lambasting the sun for its omnipresence, it’s worth seeing if one of these coping mechanisms could help you out.

Room Worries

There are certain rooms that, in summer, become no-go areas. First off is the conservatory, which switches from being a helpful extra room to a sauna without any of the benefits of a sauna. Every surface is hot to the touch, the air is musty, and the small windows don’t make any difference to the general temperature.

Then there’s the kitchen. You can still use your kitchen in summer, of course – to get things out of the fridge. The idea of adding extra heat – through cooking – is unthinkable, so the room fails in its intended purpose.

Summer Solution: If you don’t mind a little adaptation, there are many benefits of insulating your conservatory that can bring this room back into year-round usage. For the kitchen, consider using smaller, cheaper-to-run halogen ovens rather than your main range for the summer months. They don’t need so long to heat up or to cook food, so they can make a real difference to the temperature.

Body Blues

The feeling of being too warm is akin to feeling as if you are being choked. The air is stifling, the heat is oppressive. Air conditioning isn’t common in the UK as our summers have a tendency to be a washout, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t heatwaves which make it almost impossible to keep cool. The fact we’re generally unprepared for it doesn’t help.

Summer Solution: If you need to cool down quickly, then head to the nearest sink. Don’t stick your head under it (though that’s admittedly tempting…): run your wrists beneath a cool stream of water. This hits your pulse points and will immediately make you feel cooler. Continue the effect by drenching a sweat band in ice cold water and wearing it around your wrist as you go about your day.

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